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Officially launched in the United States in the city of Denver in 2019, with a panel of fashion items in all styles such as, shoes, clothes, bags, caps, etc ... coupled with the launch of its online store on the www.vicklombardi.com

We always wonder who is VICK LOMBARDI? It all started with a childhood dream of the named VICTOR of Togolese nationality who nurtured an ambition to create his own brand of new clothes accessible to all budgets. Over the course of his experiences, the first in the sale of second-hand clothes in Africa, he made the bet with some of his friends to succeed in creating an internationally recognized brand… What was done with his arrival in the United States the young Victor, through his passion, his genius, succeeded in seducing his communities by the importance of creating something innovative and of high quality combining luxury, style and accessibility of products, innovation and master stroke because the VICK LOMBARDI brand is now available and distributed in Togo, soon in Ivory Coast, France, Switzerland and Germany. The brand begins to diversify and indeed intends to produce in the years to come quality ready-to-wear in noble materials with a motivating leit ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE TO ALL SCHOLARSHIPS with products such as jackets of all types, shoes, buttons. classy cuffs and why not VICK LOMBARDI perfumes, which would be the pinnacle for a brand of African origin evolving internationally. Today the VICK LOMBARDI brand has stores all over the world. It is an emblem of African luxury Made in the USA which in the long term will become, according to the plans of its designer, one of the most influential brands in the world. Today, we have the honor, on the occasion of the celebration of the WHITE PARTY between African Brothers and Sisters, to introduce you to VICK LOMBARDI, The Brand that wants to be part of your daily life today.



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